PDF Tools - Everything You Need To Streamline Your Work

PDF is one of the most common file types used worldwide in offices, schools, universities, and workplaces. Since its inception, back in the 1900s, the format has not only become popular, but it is also working as the ultimate companion for professionals and students as well. The reason behind the extensive usage of this format is that it preserves document formatting. Along with that, the file is also easily shareable between devices. However, primarily, the format is meant for viewing the files, not editing. But in recent times, due to the immense popularity now, editable PDF formats are also available. Apart from that, if you haven't installed PDF in your device, now all the mainstream web browsers have the default functionality to open them. So, in this scenario, PDF could be regarded as an ultimate vanguard of documents in the current digital age. In fact, the updated versions of Windows PDF is installed by default. So, you would need not to get into any hassle of downloading the files from any other source. We're providing all the PDF tools to our users for their ease. You would love to use these tools, as our highly advanced tools are free and always accessible whenever and wherever you need.


Now with our prodigious tool, you can modify PDF into an editable word document. No, without any problem, you can edit and extract all the content from PDF by converting it into word format. You can use our tool either by drag and drop feature or may upload for the conversion to take place. Once the file is submitted, the tool will automatically convert it into Word file, and within a couple of seconds, you will get your desired file. Isn't that easy? Fetch your file and use our tool for the conversion to take place. Along with that, our user-interface is designed according to the standards of user experience, and you would not have to face any hassle while converting the file.

Word to PDF

Similar PDF to Word, many people also require to convert word to PDF. Many systems have format compatibility issues. Therefore the foremost reason behind the conversion of word to PDF is compatibility. Apart from that, it is also quite difficult to share word files across different devices; many people prefer to share PDF files. Word files also have many issues, like image loading and font compatibility. If you're facing any such issues or want to convert Word to PDF, then our tool is always at your disposal.

Lock PDF

Now with the help of our amazing tool, you can lock your PDF file; we're providing the easiest and quickest way for our users to prevent and protect the content of their file from being copied and edited. It helps you not to protect your intellectual property from not being used by any unauthorized source. Our tool will help you protect the file by enabling the encrypted password. Now, you don't have to worry about the privacy of the content, which is incorporated in the file as our lock PDF tool will protect your file.

Merge PDF

You might have wondered at some point in time about merging different PDF files into one. Our combine or merge PDF tool is the best one to combine different ones into a single one. Like the rest of the tools, it is also very easy to use. All you need is to select 5files and submit them to the tool; it will combine all the files together.

Watermark PDF

Many times, people want to protect their intellectual property by adding a signature into it. But apart from that, there's another way as well. You can even add a watermark into the file. And we're providing this tool to our users. Now, you can add a watermark to your file, by selecting the pages you want it to appear. Similar to other tools, it is also very easy to use, and you need not worry about privacy, we're committed to protecting all the data submitted by our users.


Storing images in PDF could be the best way as it doesn't take much storage space, and the image is also not affected by some kind of virus. But there are few drawbacks associated with storing images in PDF. The major one is that it is difficult to integrate them with webpages. However, the PDF is used for storing documents not images, while JPG is dedicated format for images. If you're looking to convert PDF to PG then you can use our tool for this purpose. We're providing a highly advanced tool for this purpose.